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The following service manage startup cap tables, much better than a spreadsheet! And most are free. Lower price tiers are shown.

  • Capography. Free up to 20 equityholders, then $199/yr
  • Capshare.   Free up to 10 equityholders. $30/mo for up to 24.
  • SmartCap.  Free up to 30 equityholders. $50/mo unlimited
  • TruEquity. Free up to 10 equityholders. $19/mo (includes 10, each additional $1.20) 


The next step up are equity management services like Two Step Software,eProsper, and Transcentive.


Convertible Notes & Equity




  • Exit Round. "The private, anonymous marketplace for founders to discreetly explore strategic acquisition opportunities."

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